About Us

At Suncayr, our mission is to give people the awareness they need to safely enjoy every day they spend outside. We've realized that relying on sunscreen isn't a complete solution - you have to use enough sunscreen, and you have to remember to reapply your sunscreen. Since sunscreen is invisible when it's working, and invisible when its not working, how do you know that your sunscreen is still doing its job?

To solve this problem, we've developed SPOT, a smart UV indicating sticker. We will be bringing a whole range of UV indicating products to market so that you can safely enjoy every day you spend outside!

Our Team


Andrew Martinko, CEO & Co-Founder


Andrew is a master of business and entrepreneurship - literally, he has a degree in it! He'd love to talk about marketing/media, sales, and about the Game of Thrones books - A Song of Ice and Fire!


Derek Jouppi, COO & Co-Founder


Bridging the business and tech, Derek coordinates our supply chain, manufacturing, regulatory, and the website. If you'd like to learn more about our production or for tips in the gym, contact Derek!


Chad Sweeting, CTO & Co-Founder


Joining Suncayr from a background as a cancer researcher, Chad works hardest to develop our technology, patents, and QA. Message him for technical questions or for a Halo 5 battle!


Dr. Juri Mobus, Head of Research and Material Production


After a Post-Doc at the Uni. of Toronto, a PhD at the Uni. of Munster in Germany, Juri joined the team to kick ass and produce pigment. Thankfully we're safe for now, since we still need to produce a lot of pigment.




Connor Kingdon

Product Dev Eng.

Tia Tuinstra

R&D Intern

Chandu Subramaniam

R&D Intern




Sahej Bakshi


Darshan Parmar

Nano Eng.

Ahmad Hussein

Nano Eng.

Andee Liao

Back-end Web

Kissan Mistry

Nano Eng.

Victoria Mazurek

Social Media

Kevin Dang

Chemical Eng

Tom Chong

R&D Scientist

Chris Hajduk

DFM Engineering

Michael Browne

MBET 2016

Timothy Wu

SPOT Production

Johnny Normandeau

Protocol/QA Design

Sabrina Chang

SPOT Production

Cameron Mills

R&D Engineering

Kiah Rolle

R&D Intern

Colin Pierce

Skin Tech R&D

Charlie Goertz

Colour Tech R&D

Michael Leung

R&D Intern

Nancy Zhou

R&D Intern

Simon Harris

Organic Chemist

Zoobia Shahab

R&D Intern

Curtis Tickle

Analytical Chemist

Graham Garrett

Organic Chemist